This podcast explains the context of the conflict in Ukraine. The students then review two articles explaining the interests of different conflict parties in the Ukrainian conflict. The main part of the podcasts is covered by a discussion of the lessons learnt from the literature and the question of which mediator is appropriate for solving the conflict.

Speakers: Estean van der Linde, Ole Minuth, Sorush Mirzaei, Robert Stuhrmann

The podcast refers to the following readings:

Malyarenko, T. & Wolff, S. (2018). The logic of competitive influence-seeking: Russia, Ukraine, and the conflict in Donbas. In: Post-Soviet Affairs, 34(4), 191-212.

Novaky, N. (2015). Why so soft? The European Union in Ukraine. In: Contemporary Security Policy, 36(2). 244-266.

Date: 18.05.2019
Length: 14:03


Mediation Process, Europe

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