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Conflict Resolution in Libya

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What has happened in Libya since the Arab Spring in early 2011? How does Libya look like today? Who participated at the Berlin Conference and what did they agree on? And what is the UN arms embargo? – These and other questions were addressed in the presentation by Dr. Witold Mucha, who leads us through a specific conflict resolution case: Libya.  Speaker: Dr. Witold Mucha Date: 29.04.2020Length: ...

What is International Conflict Resolution?

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Dr. Witold Mucha, researcher at the Heinrich-Heine-University in Düsseldorf and initiator of the cross-site teaching project, gives an introduction to the major concepts and issues of international conflict resolution as they are discussed in the academic debate. Speaker: Dr. Witold Mucha Date: 22.04.2020Length: 20:14 Category: Conflict Resolution