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What? Simulating a talk or a casting show How? Each of you represents one participant/country etc. + moderator. Prepare questions and answers. If you want to use music, make sure it is not too loud, so that one can easily understand the speakers.

Explainer Video

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What? Animated video that focuses on explaining an idea/conflict/system etc. in a simple way How? You could include a powerpoint presentation, excerpts of news video clips, pictures and/or you make use of animations and laying tricks. Prepare a script and make sure that the video fits to the audio.

Simulation Video

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What? Showcase or simulate situations, for instance a mediation situation or process in a particular case How? Try to involve all the relevant conflict parties; assign the particular roles (including the mediator) and clarify who is playing which role. Prepare statements and try to argue in the same manner the parties would do when at the negotiating table. Remember the goal of the s...