Manual Digital Outputs

Here you can find several ideas and tips for digital outputs which have been already created by our cross-location student groups.

General tips:

  1. Include and cite the readings.
  2. Look for more literature and use optional readings listed in the syllabus.
  3. Take care of

…Audioquality & your use of language: speak clearly and not too fast.

…Videoquality: Always record in landscape format.

…Clear structure:

  • Introduction – Body – Conclusion
  • Stages and thoughts are related to oneanother.
  • Use key and linking words.


  • video: max. 15 min
  • audio: max. 15 min
  • text: min. 1500 words per person





You can also work with Texts and Photos, for example by creating a:

Blog Post

What?Write a blog post about a certain topic
How?Text (best length for a blog post is around 1,500 words) + Include further links, hints and pictures.

Self-learning / Online-Quiz

What?Produce 8-10 questions as an eLearning quiz
How?Pick minimum three different question formats. Create the questions with a subsequent following feedback with explanations. Make sure to include the readings. Here you find tips how to create a quiz on Google Formular:

Position paper of an Organization on a conflict

What?Position paper in name of an international/regional/local organization or a country which refers to a certain conflict
How?Central questions: How does the organization define the conflict? Who is affected by the conflict? Who are the conflict parties? What are the interests of the conflict parties? What is the aim of the organization? How could the conflict be solved? Structure: 1. Short introduction of the organization 2. Conflict description from the viewpoint of the organization: actors, dynamics, causes, consequences 3. Mediation approach of the organization: instruments and aims 4. Political demands

Useful Tools for the digital output

Camtasia: Presentation and Audio/Video

OBS: Presentation and Audio/Video

Audacity: Audio


  • Adobe Premiere Pro
  • Windows Movie Maker: Free for Windows Users
  • iMovie: Free for Apple Users