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Neocolonialism in Togo

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From 1884 until 1919, Togo was a german colony. Our students conducted several interviews with Togolese in which they dealt with questions about the remains of this time, the treatment of coloniality in the school system, today’s European influence and the relationship between Togo and Germany. Speakers: Hannah Pohlen, Alexandra Bähring Length: 25:53Date: 18.06.2019 Category: Africa, Europe, No...

Thailand Reporters

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Our #ThailandReporters explain the conflict in the South of Thailand between the Islamic-malay regions and the government using Social Media, in particular Instagram Stories, as a tool for conveying information. The report will help you to find out more about the background of the conflict, the reasons, the stakeholders involved and former and current mediation efforts. Speakers: Hendrik Thesing, Delia ...

Regional Organisations

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This digital output takes a close look at the European Union and the African Union in general and explains and compares their approaches to peace. The students explain the different strategies, point out similarities and differences and give a good overview of the institutions and actors involved. Speakers: Hendrik Thesing, Liv Bornscheuer, Delia Molnar, Divine Keren, Onneile Taile, and Rebecca Peters ...

Re-theorising Mediation: Explanation Video

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Using the example of a regional organisation, the students show the mediation process, explain what happens in each mediation phase, which prerequisites are necessary to move on in the mediation process, the role and strategies of each party and the mediator. Speakers: Mxolisi Zondo, Lucia Pete, Jochen Paul Drahorad, Isabelle Cleffmann, Lotta Dyes, Anna-Lena Commer Date: 03.09.2019Length: 04:02 Cat...

Managing the Conflict in the Deep South of Thailand

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In this expert video Dr. Norbert Ropers shares his in-depth knowledge about the conflict in Southern Thailand. Besides giving insights into his work in mediating and researching, he particularly emphasis the necessity of insider mediation and the different peacebuilding environment in Thailand and Asia in general. Norbert Ropers is the Program Director for Southeast Asia at the Berghof Foundation and Senior...

Colombia: the long way to peace

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Viviana Garcia, a doctoral student at GIGA Hamburg, explains to us the “long way towards peace” in Colombia. This video entails the historical background and impacts of the conflict, the processes and dynamics in the peace process and current challenges of its implementation. Speaker: Viviana Garcia Date: 17.06.2019Length: 31:40 Category: South America, Mediation process

Wounded Memories Presentation 2019

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Patrick Hajayandi is the Senior Project Leader for the Great Lakes Region of Africa at the Institute for Justice and Reconciliation. He presents his report “Wounded memories” which includes perceptions of past violence in Burundi and perspectives for reconciliation. This report shows the results of his research conducted in Burundi between 2017 and 2018. Speaker: Patrick Hajayandi Date: 24.05.2019Leng...

Decolonial Peace

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Prof. Dr. Siphamandla Zondi, Professor at the University of Pretoria, explains the concept of decolonial peace, why its implementation is necessary to create peace on the African continent and what it might look like. Speaker: Prof. Dr. Siphamandla Zondi Date: 12.04.2019Length: 18:09 Category: Postcolonialism, Africa, North-South relations

The Future of Mediation: Instagram Channel

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This Instagram Channel gives an overview of the South Africa`s Mediation Model with its advantages and disadvantages, gives hands-on examples of conflicts and mediation processes in Burundi and Sudan and discusses lessons learnt for the future of the African Union`s peacebuilding. Speakers: Sandra Peters, Patrycia Walisch, Jennifer Müller, Jacqueline Sengelhoff, Hannah Pohlen, Ann Grebenstein, Angelika ...


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Why are we still talking about colonialism in 2019? How do we overcome the lingering influence of the global north in conflict? How should we reshape mediation?  – These interesting and crucial questions and more were addressed in the podcast on Decolonialism. Speakers: Natalie Topoll, Andrea Meier, Jana Wöhst, Judith Cantu Flores Reimann, Marvin Rausch, Nils Schomaker, Thobani Mthetwa, Zuko Godlim...

Mediation in Ukraine: Literature Review

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This podcast explains the context of the conflict in Ukraine. The students then review two articles explaining the interests of different conflict parties in the Ukrainian conflict. The main part of the podcasts is covered by a discussion of the lessons learnt from the literature and the question of which mediator is appropriate for solving the conflict. Speakers: Estean van der Linde, Ole Minuth, Sorush...

Mediation in Burundi: Podcast

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This podcast on Burundi gives an introduction to the country, explains the civil war from 1993 to 2005 and the more recent conflict. The students take a deeper look at how the civil society has been excluded and involved in these conflicts and show why the bottom-up approach in the conflict is of such a great importance for the peace process. Speakers:  Anelisa Mbonambi, Anna Engler, Kristen van de...

2019 International Regional Organisations Pageant

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The student group slipped into the role of regional organisations and competed against each other. The organisations ECOWAS, the European Union, African Union and the Arab League were introduced and measured against their background, their talents, achievements and future aspirations. Speakers: Chantelle Alberts, Bridget Blackenburg, Carla Wolf, Alexandra Bähring, Annika Grotrian Date: 15.05.2019 Len...

Yemen: Mediation Simulation

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Our students simulate peace negotiations between the conflict parties in Yemen. Therefore, our students are the Official representatives of the Huthis and the Representative of the Gulf Cooperation Council. The mediator represents the Office of the Special Envoy of the Secretary General for Yemen, part of the United Nations Peace and Mediation mission. The simulation shows the different phases of a peace ta...