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Colombia: Negotiation and Mediation

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Who are the major actors and what peace agreements have been discussed in the past? The student taskforce explains the specific role of mediators such as Cuba and Norway in the run-up to the signing of the peace agreement in 2016. Speaker: Chin Fu Yung, Liv Schürmann, Paul-Louis Peugniez, Melissa Olarte Uribe Date: 05.05.2021Length: 20:49 min. Category: Mediation Process, South-America

Sierra Leone: Restorative Justice and Reconciliation

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The digital output about the conflict in Sierra Leone looks at civil war between 1991 and 2002, the negotiated peace agreements and the post-conflict challenges today. The students focus on the four phases of reconciliation and the special court for Sierra Leone addressing human rights abuses and serious crimes during conflict. Speaker: Hermann Ahrens, Alina Balamirzoeva, Alessandro Di Sano, Matthias Moh...

Burundi: Power-sharing and Peacebuilding

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The digital output gives an overview of the civil war in Burundi between 1993 and 2005. The students introduce the Arusha Agreement and elaborate on the challenges the adversaries as well as mediators faced during that process. Based on an outlook on the postconflict situation today, the taskforce discusses to what extent the peace process can be considered a success. Speaker: Theresa Luedtke, Stephany M...

Northern Ireland: Sectarianism

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What is the conflict in Northern Ireland all about? What have been the main causes and what have been the possible solutions for the conflict? Considering the much-heralded Good Friday Agreement in 1998, the students discuss the implications for conflict resolution in general. How is peace and stability possible against the backdrop of sectarianism in everyday lives?  Speaker: Sophie Würdemann, Lukas Moo...

Bougainville: Women & Peace

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The student taskforce introduces the Bougainville conflict, the historical background, and the peace negotiation process culminating in the referendum in 2019. A major focus of the digital output is the role of women contributing to the peaceful and nonviolent conflict resolution process during the last two decades. Speaker: Sebastian Helmich, Veronika Shevchenko, Victor Dissaux Date: 02.06.2021Length...

Tibet: Non-violence

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To understand the tensions between Tibet and China, the student group goes back to the roots of the conflict and explains the respective interests on both sides. Yet another aspect of the digital output is  the role of nonviolent methods and the role of external actors. A comparative look into the dynamics in nowadays Hongkong concludes the presentation.  Speaker: Emily Speth, Henrik Ufer, Paula Martin, ...

Ukraine: Crisis and Stalemate

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The student group introduces the major conflict issues and stakeholders of the crisis in Eastern Ukraine since 2014. Juxtaposing the different interests of the variety of internal and external stakeholders, the limitations of the Minsk Protocol are demonstrated. Speaker: Phil Trautner, Leon Overhage, Paula Rauck Goberna, Nele Elemans Date: 23.06.2021Length: 28:20 min. Category: Europe, Mediation Pr...

Community Peace Leaders

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This student group explores the work of Community Peace Leaders along different categories: their values, analytic style, behavior, personality and motivation. They also provide insights into the lives and work of Malala Yousafzai and Sheikh Abdul Irahman Al-Marwani. Speaker: Lena Kläsgen, Yeonwoo Seong, Olivia Mruczynski Date: 24.06.2020Length: 22:15 Category: Reconciliation Process, Mediation ...

Technology in Conflict Resolution

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What does technology have to do with conflict resolution? The student presentation addresses this question by sharing different examples: computer influence in the Israel-Palestine Conflict, social media's role in the Kony-campaign, government and civil society programs in the context of civil war in Syria Speaker: Nikki Muggli and Jan Borzim Date: 14.06.2020Length: 23:17 Category: Technology, A...

Conciliation Resources and HD Centre

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Starting with the types and phases of mediation, this student group looks at the international organization “Conciliation Resources”, its goals and focus and how it contributed to negotiating peace in Ethiopia. The second part of the presentation deals with the Humanitarian Dialogue (HD) Centre, its activities, the Oslo Forum and how HD Centre has been engaged in the Libyan conflict. Speaker: Eleonore Ch...

Tibet: Nonviolence and Peace

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To understand the Tibet-China conflict, the student group goes far back into history. They explain the interests of China and Tibet, the role of nonviolence and why there has not been a more profound intervention by external actors. Furthermore, they give insights into the situation of Tibet during the Covid-19 pandemic and what the Dalai Lama’s “Middle Way Approach” to peacefully resolve the conflict betwe...

Lebanon: Interreligious Dialogue

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Based on background information on the history and the conflict in Lebanon, this presentation focuses on the reconciliation process, its failure, the role of inter-religious dialogue and what Lebanon looks like today, more specifically with regard to the protests after the Covid-19 lockdown. Questions such as why the civil war has been inevitable or whether there has been a successful reconciliation are als...

Colombia: Forcing Peace

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This student presentation provides information on the background of the conflict in Colombia, its major national and international actors and the peace process. The students also shed light on what the situation is like today and which major events lead the country to its current status. Speaker: Ashley Caballero, Alexandra van Hall, Luca Bradley Date: 14.06.2020Length: 30:25 Category: South Ame...

Northern Uganda

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This student video explains the conflict in Northern Uganda, starting with an introduction on the history of the landlocked country in East Africa. The second half of the video deals with the peace process between the Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA) and the Ugandan government and shows how truth telling, prevention programs, trust building measures, traditional and cultural practices and rituals help pave the ...

Northern Ireland: Powersharing & Peacebuilding

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What is the conflict in Northern Ireland about? What are the main causes of the conflict and what are the possible resolutions for the conflict? – These and other questions are addressed in this digital output. Speaker: Jungwoo Park Date: 18.05.2020Length: 41:13 Category: Europe, Mediation process

Peace process in Ethiopia and Eritrea

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This student video deals with the peace process that resolved the conflict between Eritrea and Ethiopia, which lasted more than 60 years and is known as the longest conflict in Africa. The students explain the historical background of the conflict and examine the peace process from two different angles: the Eritrean and Ethiopian perspective. Speaker: Anton Götz, Sarune Danileviciute and Tae Kyoon Kwon ...

Bougainville: Women and Peace

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The student taskforce explains the Bougainville conflict, its peace negotiation process up to the Bougainville Referendum in 2019 and why women have been so important in the peace negotiations. Speaker: Lim Green, Johanna Unewisse and Yuzhou Lu Date: 23.05.2020Length: 17:57 Category: Mediation process, Women

Negotiation and Mediation: Greece and North Macedonia

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Based on of the concepts of negotiation and mediation, the student group takes a close look at the history, the actors and the peace negotiation and mediation process between Greece and North Macedonia. Speaker: Elisa Uthmann, María Fernanda Hernández Casillas and Sven Wöhrmann Date: 16.05.2020Length: 19:44 Category: Europe, Mediation Process

Darfur: Famine and Conflict

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This student group talks about the course, causes and conflict resolution approaches for the crisis in Darfur, a region in western Sudan. They show how climate change affects the conflict and what can be done to alleviate the situation. Speaker: Katharina Merzenich and Sungmin Park Date: 13.05.2020Length: 20:45 Category: Africa, Conflict Resolution, Mediation process, Climate Change

Neocolonialism in Togo

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From 1884 until 1919, Togo was a german colony. Our students conducted several interviews with Togolese in which they dealt with questions about the remains of this time, the treatment of coloniality in the school system, today’s European influence and the relationship between Togo and Germany. Speakers: Hannah Pohlen, Alexandra Bähring Length: 25:53Date: 18.06.2019 Category: Africa, Europe, No...

Thailand Reporters

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Our #ThailandReporters explain the conflict in the South of Thailand between the Islamic-malay regions and the government using Social Media, in particular Instagram Stories, as a tool for conveying information. The report will help you to find out more about the background of the conflict, the reasons, the stakeholders involved and former and current mediation efforts. Speakers: Hendrik Thesing, Delia ...

Regional Organisations

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This digital output takes a close look at the European Union and the African Union in general and explains and compares their approaches to peace. The students explain the different strategies, point out similarities and differences and give a good overview of the institutions and actors involved. Speakers: Hendrik Thesing, Liv Bornscheuer, Delia Molnar, Divine Keren, Onneile Taile, and Rebecca Peters ...

Re-theorising Mediation: Explanation Video

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Using the example of a regional organisation, the students show the mediation process, explain what happens in each mediation phase, which prerequisites are necessary to move on in the mediation process, the role and strategies of each party and the mediator. Speakers: Mxolisi Zondo, Lucia Pete, Jochen Paul Drahorad, Isabelle Cleffmann, Lotta Dyes, Anna-Lena Commer Date: 03.09.2019Length: 04:02 Cat...

The Future of Mediation: Instagram Channel

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This Instagram Channel gives an overview of the South Africa`s Mediation Model with its advantages and disadvantages, gives hands-on examples of conflicts and mediation processes in Burundi and Sudan and discusses lessons learnt for the future of the African Union`s peacebuilding. Speakers: Sandra Peters, Patrycia Walisch, Jennifer Müller, Jacqueline Sengelhoff, Hannah Pohlen, Ann Grebenstein, Angelika ...


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Why are we still talking about colonialism in 2019? How do we overcome the lingering influence of the global north in conflict? How should we reshape mediation?  – These interesting and crucial questions and more were addressed in the podcast on Decolonialism. Speakers: Natalie Topoll, Andrea Meier, Jana Wöhst, Judith Cantu Flores Reimann, Marvin Rausch, Nils Schomaker, Thobani Mthetwa, Zuko Godlim...

Mediation in Ukraine: Literature Review

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This podcast explains the context of the conflict in Ukraine. The students then review two articles explaining the interests of different conflict parties in the Ukrainian conflict. The main part of the podcasts is covered by a discussion of the lessons learnt from the literature and the question of which mediator is appropriate for solving the conflict. Speakers: Estean van der Linde, Ole Minuth, Sorush...

Mediation in Burundi: Podcast

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This podcast on Burundi gives an introduction to the country, explains the civil war from 1993 to 2005 and the more recent conflict. The students take a deeper look at how the civil society has been excluded and involved in these conflicts and show why the bottom-up approach in the conflict is of such a great importance for the peace process. Speakers:  Anelisa Mbonambi, Anna Engler, Kristen van de...


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Was haben Donald Trump, Sarah Wagenknecht und Björn Höcke gemeinsam? Alle drei wurden schon mal als Populisten bezeichnet. Aber was ist das überhaupt, Populismus? Warum finden Menschen, auch junge Menschen, populistische Politikerinnen und Politiker so attaktiv, dass sie dafür wählen? Und welche Folgen hat das für politische Systeme, wenn – wie in den letzten Jahren passiert – Populismus erfolgreich is...

2019 International Regional Organisations Pageant

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The student group slipped into the role of regional organisations and competed against each other. The organisations ECOWAS, the European Union, African Union and the Arab League were introduced and measured against their background, their talents, achievements and future aspirations. Speakers: Chantelle Alberts, Bridget Blackenburg, Carla Wolf, Alexandra Bähring, Annika Grotrian Date: 15.05.2019 Len...

Migration Governance

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Why do people migrate? Who is defined as a migrant? What does migration governance mean? Why is it important? Which global fundamental agreements for migration governance exist? In this video our students explain the fundamental aspects of migration governance. Date: 27.09.2018 Length: 13:16 Category: Africa, Europe, Migration Governance

Yemen: Mediation Simulation

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Our students simulate peace negotiations between the conflict parties in Yemen. Therefore, our students are the Official representatives of the Huthis and the Representative of the Gulf Cooperation Council. The mediator represents the Office of the Special Envoy of the Secretary General for Yemen, part of the United Nations Peace and Mediation mission. The simulation shows the different phases of a peace ta...