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Community Peace Leaders

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This student group explores the work of Community Peace Leaders along different categories: their values, analytic style, behavior, personality and motivation. They also provide insights into the lives and work of Malala Yousafzai and Sheikh Abdul Irahman Al-Marwani. Speaker: Lena Kläsgen, Yeonwoo Seong, Olivia Mruczynski Date: 24.06.2020Length: 22:15 Category: Reconciliation Process, Mediation ...

Tibet: Nonviolence and Peace

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To understand the Tibet-China conflict, the student group goes far back into history. They explain the interests of China and Tibet, the role of nonviolence and why there has not been a more profound intervention by external actors. Furthermore, they give insights into the situation of Tibet during the Covid-19 pandemic and what the Dalai Lama’s “Middle Way Approach” to peacefully resolve the conflict betwe...

Lebanon: Interreligious Dialogue

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Based on background information on the history and the conflict in Lebanon, this presentation focuses on the reconciliation process, its failure, the role of inter-religious dialogue and what Lebanon looks like today, more specifically with regard to the protests after the Covid-19 lockdown. Questions such as why the civil war has been inevitable or whether there has been a successful reconciliation are als...