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Neocolonialism in Togo

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From 1884 until 1919, Togo was a german colony. Our students conducted several interviews with Togolese in which they dealt with questions about the remains of this time, the treatment of coloniality in the school system, today’s European influence and the relationship between Togo and Germany. Speakers: Hannah Pohlen, Alexandra Bähring Length: 25:53Date: 18.06.2019 Category: Africa, Europe, No...


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Why are we still talking about colonialism in 2019? How do we overcome the lingering influence of the global north in conflict? How should we reshape mediation?  – These interesting and crucial questions and more were addressed in the podcast on Decolonialism. Speakers: Natalie Topoll, Andrea Meier, Jana Wöhst, Judith Cantu Flores Reimann, Marvin Rausch, Nils Schomaker, Thobani Mthetwa, Zuko Godlim...