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Tibet: Nonviolence and Peace

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To understand the Tibet-China conflict, the student group goes far back into history. They explain the interests of China and Tibet, the role of nonviolence and why there has not been a more profound intervention by external actors. Furthermore, they give insights into the situation of Tibet during the Covid-19 pandemic and what the Dalai Lama’s “Middle Way Approach” to peacefully resolve the conflict betwe...

Thailand Reporters

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Our #ThailandReporters explain the conflict in the South of Thailand between the Islamic-malay regions and the government using Social Media, in particular Instagram Stories, as a tool for conveying information. The report will help you to find out more about the background of the conflict, the reasons, the stakeholders involved and former and current mediation efforts. Speakers: Hendrik Thesing, Delia ...

Managing the Conflict in the Deep South of Thailand

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In this expert video Dr. Norbert Ropers shares his in-depth knowledge about the conflict in Southern Thailand. Besides giving insights into his work in mediating and researching, he particularly emphasis the necessity of insider mediation and the different peacebuilding environment in Thailand and Asia in general. Norbert Ropers is the Program Director for Southeast Asia at the Berghof Foundation and Senior...

Yemen: Mediation Simulation

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Our students simulate peace negotiations between the conflict parties in Yemen. Therefore, our students are the Official representatives of the Huthis and the Representative of the Gulf Cooperation Council. The mediator represents the Office of the Special Envoy of the Secretary General for Yemen, part of the United Nations Peace and Mediation mission. The simulation shows the different phases of a peace ta...